I am Shaun Norton, and I will get a magical sport into the Olympic Games.

Yes, the Olympics. Spatial computing technology like Virtual Reality unlocks the ability to physically move our bodies and play games at the same time. The 2020s will be our decade.

Here’s how I’m making it happen…

It’s going to take a long time to build this movement – and I can’t do it alone – so I’m applying marketing expertise to promote three types of play: existing, emerging & experimental.

  • At (unannounced project), I create communities around competitive play by providing marketing services to existing venues, leagues and teams in Melbourne.
  • At (unannounced project), I build Australia’s biggest community for emerging live, local, and competitive Virtual Reality events.
  • At (unannounced project), I encourage the world to experiment with weird & wonderful new experiences where virtual & physical meet.

This will create the platform that will enable & accelerate new virtual reality arenas in the next 5-10 years.


We will build the sport geeks dream of
(and geeks are legion).


Something like this… #hiremenickelodeon #disneyiwillsellmysoulforthis #ripsirius

Join me on the journey

Twitter: @shaunnortonAU | LinkedIn
Email: shaun@shaunnorton.com