The road to here

I recently shared my long road through university on Twitter, arriving at Business and with conviction that Product Management is what I need to be doing…

“great product managers are often the “weird kids” in the MBA program who, while sitting in a finance class, wonder if they should have enrolled in a design school or coding bootcamp instead”.

This explains why I’ve tried uni courses in Science, Multimedia Systems, Geomatics, Professional Writing, Engineering and finally… Business at @victoriauninews #foundmycalling

What I learned from previous studies:

  • Science – Don’t pick up Biology because Physics and Chemistry were SO 2004. I should have stuck with Physics instead of dissecting frogs and celery sticks.
  • Multimedia Systems – Pseudocode is useful. Sometimes university teaches basic stuff that makes the class boring (I was already making corporate websites at the time).
  • Geomatics – I studied maps and maths before Google Maps. I loved using the theodolite to survey landscapes, but I hated everything else about being outside. We calculated complex polygon areas in reverse notation #chores
  • Professional Writing – I learned to share my experiences verbally and in written form, during workshops. But I didn’t cope with assignments pushing me outside my comfort zone.
  • Engineering – I pick up tools REALLY quickly. I was zooming around AutoCAD in no time. I found I have incredible attention to detail but couldn’t understand why I would want to be drawing 5mm reinforced concrete diagrams for a living.