Learning Unity & Blender

I’m learning Unity and Blender in my spare time, so I can make some of my ideas come to life. In the long-term, game development will not be my field, but it will help to understand the tools and work flows. My goal is to produce a virtual reality multiplayer strategic ball game; I’m calling it Sourceball.

My Unity learning plan

I’ve broken down the elements of the game to discrete building blocks. As I approach each element, I will draw from various tutorials such as shooter games, physics-based ball games, and so on. The first few items on my list are:

  • First-person POV, movement and actions
  • Sprint
  • Basic user interface
  • Basic level design
  • Throw ball
  • Throw ball harder
  • Throw and explode ball
  • Detect ball collision
  • Walled off play area
  • Bounce ball off walls
  • Trail effect on ball
  • Block ball
  • UI for hit/miss feedback
  • Block high and low
  • Ball node
  • Node claim zone

This is a very exciting time to be getting into the 3D interactive space, as I believe VR/AR is the next leap beyond the web browser.

My previous 3D experience

While I fumbled around the Blender interface, I was reflecting on my past in 3D art. I’ve included two pictures below. I modelled the wand in 3DS Max about 2007. The Team Fortress 2 pose used the Source Filmmaker application with existing assets.

The two tutorials I have used are: Roll a Ball and Blender Beginner Tutorial