Play has a new place.

Hi! I’m Shaun Norton, from Melbourne, Australia. I believe in the potential of esports, VR and entrepreneurship to change the entertainment landscape. Let’s make the future of play; hire me.


Source: Populous


To develop and promote the enjoyment of new social entertainment in live venues, I am seeking to join a marketing team or startup in which I can deliver:

  • Market Planning
  • Event Management
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Social Media
  • Content Management


I believe in the power of play to build fun and welcoming communities. I am focused on virtual play in real venues, and intend to be at the forefront of new experiences. As such, I am interested in businesses in the following areas:

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • Esports/Gaming
  • Festivals & Events
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Venues
  • Recreation
  • Place activation
  • Experiential marketing


After years in retail management, I realised in 2017: We’ve got enough stuff – and stuff can always get made cheaper – but experiences and the way we provide enjoyment is unique. So I returned to study, and now I’m diving in to industry head-first.

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) – due end 2018
  • Small business owner
  • Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Design
  • Customer Service
  • Office Assistant


I am in my final semester of Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at Victoria University, Melbourne. I have achieved almost 100% HD grades, and received an award for performance in Business Law. I love learning!

I am the founder of Studio/Stadium, an experience development studio building new sport combining real physical performance with virtual reality magic.

I am currently working on media & community initiatives:

In addition, I’ve been meeting a lot of people via: