Play has a new place.

Hi! I’m Shaun Norton, from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a marketing graduate (soon), and I believe in the potential of Esports, VR and Entrepreneurship to change the entertainment landscape. Let’s make the future of play; hire me.


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I heal my team and bubble the bombs on my Twitch channel I usually play Overwatch, but also stream League of Legends and Unity gamedev from time to time. This is my opportunity to get familiar with OBS broadcasting software, platform and communities. Shoutout to the fabulous bajostream

Arcadeers are a Melbourne-based community of enthusiasts of arcades, live gaming events, and play beyond the screen. Join the Meetup group and Discord channel at

Surge is my Virtual Reality esports prototype, designed for free-roam play in a live spectator arena. Players weave ribbons of paper across the map, bending, smash, swirling and breaking their way to glory. I’m using Unity and a HTC Vive. My goal is to have playable demos ready during PAX Australia 2018. You’ll find me at most local VR Meetups and ACMI X events.

I’m in my final semester of Bachelor of Business (Marketing), and it’s time to find paid work in the industry! I’m looking to use my skills in content, media and events within an in-house marketing team. Contact me!